What it is at the moment:

Starting with some introduction levels, click your way through the grid until every field is connected to the power source. The correct sequence is critical. After some levels, the random generator starts to shoot out levels, so don't be confused about the changing difficulty.

Some extra keys for this version, which will be removed once it's on mobile.

  • Press (M) on the keyboard to mute the placeholder sounds
  • Press (R) to clear current level
  • Press (S) to generate a new level or skip the introduction
  • Press (F) show FPS

How it's meant to be at the end:

FILLTER is supposed to be a relaxing casual mobile puzzle game you wipe out if you have some spare time. You have to think about your moves, but at the same time, you develop an understanding and eye for patterns which lets you complete the levels very fast.


The first levels are supposed to be introduction levels to teach how everything works. That's where I need your feedback. Please let me know in the comments below if the mechanics are understandable. Other feedback is highly appreciated, too.

Development log